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Problem Gambling

Did you know that you can be destructively obsessed with gambling? Research has shown behaviours such as gambling can create dramatic mood altering chemical changes in our brain. As a result, gambling disorder is now considered a devastating compulsion like drugs and alcohol. Approximately 4-5% of gamblers develop this problem and it can create overwhelming consequences for the gambler and their loved ones. Due to the crippling debt and emotional scars, the suicide rates of compulsive gamblers are quite high. In treatment populations, about half of those with gambling disorder have suicidal ideation, and about 18% have attempted suicide.

Many terms have been used to describe this illness and include problem gambling, excessive gambling, compulsive gambling, and pathological gambling. Problematic gambling is based on a continuum where individuals invest more TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY over a period of time. As tolerance increases so does the need to invest more of oneself to achieve the desired effect. Gamblers may experience periodic wins along the continuum creating the fallacy that they are not on a continuous downward progression.

For anyone in British Columbia experiencing negative impacts of gambling, there are some incredible free supports and services. Check out these resources for more information.


Do I have a problem?

Gambling is a powerful and legitimate compulsion that can spiral out of control before people recognize it as a problem. Be informed and find out more about the symptoms.


Problem Gambling Survey

Is your gambling something to be concerned about? This quick and easy survey builds awareness about your gambling behaviours, beliefs and decisions.


Free Problem Gambling Counselling Services

Gambling dependance help in British Columbia is free, professional, and easy to access. Individual, Family/Couples, and Group counselling can be accessed in person, by phone, or online.


Free Gambling Group Support

Individuals can access groups for recovery support, to work on their relationships, and to make important life changes (DBT). The Discovery program is an intensive outpatient group program that offers crucial life and recovery topics.


Gambling Affected

Feeling lost and fearful of how someone else’s gambling is impacting your life? There are free and confidential services that empower you to take back control of your emotions, finances, and life.


Social Costs of Problem Gambling

Gambling is considered one of the most costly compulsions to society. Problem gambling impacts the workplace, legal system, and our economy.


Need Help?

Recovery from gambling dependance is possible. There are numerous forms of support and counselling free and easy to access for anyone in the province of B.C. Refer yourself today to get more information.

“Gambling didn't just take away financial freedom. It took away relationships, opportunities and most importantly happiness"

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