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Ever wonder if your gambling could be out of control? This destructive compulsion can be sneaky and steadily worsen before people recognize it as a problem. You are not ingesting substances, you cannot see this in a person’s eyes or smell it on their breath. But when it turns into a dependance the stakes can be quite severe.

The crippling debt and associated stressors are often primary initial factors in individuals seeking problem gambling help. The impacts on mental health often include increasing feelings of depression, elevated anxiety/stress, and withdrawal from relationships. Family, friends, and employers are typically impacted and can get stuck on the destructive rollercoaster with the gambler.

Here are some more of the symptoms of a gambling compulsion. Do you have any of these?

  • Needing to gamble with more money to get the same excitement from gambling as before
  • Feels restless or irritable when trying to reduce or stop gambling
  • Keeps trying to reduce or stop gambling without success
  • Gambling is frequently on the person's mind—both reliving past gambling experiences and planning future gambling events
  • Gambles when feeling depressed, guilty, or anxious
  • Tries to win back gambling losses
  • Lies to cover up how much they are gambling
  • Loses not only money, but also relationships, their job, or a significant career opportunity as a result of gambling
  • Becomes dependent on other people to give them money to deal with financial problems that have been caused by gambling
  • Irrational thinking about gambling statistics, losses, personal efficacy, superstitions

If any of this sounds familiar, consider filling out the Canadian Problem Gambling Severity Index (CPGI). It is a quick screen that can give you insight into the role gambling is playing in your life. Click here to take an interactive version of the survey on this website.

"I came forward 8 years ago about my gambling [problem]. In that time I have had to deal with the ongoing consequences of my gambling actions. Jennifer has been and continues to be wholly supportive of me. She has continued to provide me her honest opinions and I feel privileged to have her continued support."

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