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Couples Counselling

Relationships are the foundation of our lives. If you feel like you have tried everything and are still dissatisfied in your relationship, then maybe it is time to bring in a couples therapist? Couples counselling can help build strong, balanced, and healthy relationships that are based on respect and love. Marriage therapy is different from individual therapy because the couple is the client. The dynamics of the relationship are explored while balancing the needs of each individual. My extensive clinical experience empowers heterosexual couples as well as addresses the unique challenges of same sex relationships.


The primary objective of marriage and couples therapy is to establish a safe environment for communication and goal setting that works for both partners. The process will focus on challenging ineffective communication patterns, improving the understanding of each other’s needs, and strengthening intimate connections. I want to help you become a team, with each partner being a valuable contributor.

We can get stuck in the futile task of trying to change our partners. Relationship therapy is more about each individual recognizing the need for change and coming to healthy compromises together. Sometimes the hardest part of couples therapy is changing our own attitudes and accepting normal conflicts rather than feeling like we have to win or be right. You and your partner are a team against the problem not one person versus the other.

Food for thought

  • What do you value about yourself, your spouse, and your relationship?
  • What obstacles keep getting in the way of having the relationship you want?
  • How do you envision a healthier future for both of you?

When we first went to Jen our marriage was in a very bad place and we have had some high highs and low lows since. Both of us credit her with truly helping us see the other perspective and giving us exercises to work on strengthening all aspects of our relationship. Jen approaches everything with true caring but is also not afraid to be very honest and hold you accountable when needed. We still have ups and downs but our marriage is strong and Jen helped give us the tools to get to the place we are now.

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