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Mental Health

Mental health can refer to a wide range of conditions that drastically affect how you feel, think, and interact with others. Illnesses such as Depression and Anxiety are very prevalent in our culture and treatable with the proper education, support, and services. Raise your mental health awareness so that you can recognize symptoms early and learn how to care for yourself in a more healthy and balanced way.


Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is a normal and helpful response to stress. But, if your anxiety seems to be taking over and limiting your life, anxiety counselling could be very helpful. Stress management is a term that is frequently used, but do you know what it entails and how it can work for you?



Major Depressive Disorder is a clinical disorder where individuals have specific symptoms that impair their ability to think, cope, and function. Individuals often report that seeing a depression counsellor can be a catalyst for change and feeling better sooner.


Anger Management Counselling

Anger management counselling is very helpful for exploring rigid belief systems that get in the way of communication, learning how to understand emotions, and generating ways to care for yourself.


Grief & Loss

At one time in our lives we will all experience grief and loss. A grief counsellor offers the necessary healing tools, ways of coping with intense emotions, and validation for the pain. Connection and support are often primary steps in getting through the pain.



Being aware of the signs of trauma can be helpful for knowing when your response is becoming problematic. Know what helps and how to care for yourself in order to start your healing. The clinical treatments for PTSD and other traumas are diverse and tailored to an individuals’ needs.

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