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Family Counselling

Families are a living and breathing system of interactions. All members are connected and play a role in the problems as well as the solutions. The primary goal of family counselling is to provide a safe, structured and supportive environment to process and problem solve. The family therapist helps build a foundation for trust and healing so that the family can operate as a more effective and connected system. Family counselling can focus on enhancing skills required for healthy communication, conflict resolution, parenting, strengthening attachments and establishing boundaries.

Jennifer provides practical solutions that help bring balance to the family system. Her roles as a family counsellor include mediation, problem solving, and advocacy to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to feel heard and validated. Family therapy can focus on resolving immediate family struggles or establish a groundwork for creating longer term harmony and connection. All types of families are welcome and respected.

We can’t thank you enough for all your support through this unique year, and the past 3 years. My family has all loved working with you and very much appreciates you.

T.B. 2021

Serving Surrey, Langley, and the Fraser Valley, B.C.